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    I’m trying to watch the final episode of Penoza #Valanya can’t stand it anymore #muchexcite #caturday #catsofinstagram Just finished some steps on the wii a good test run for my #vivosport never thought my heart rate would go up that much lol #fitness #AGoalWithoutAPlanIsNothingMoreThanAWish Finally!!! Saving up feels so good sometimes late birthday present or really early XD #garmin #vivosport #healthy #AGoalWithoutAPlanIsNothingMoreThanAWish
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Posted by mogway on Thursday August 25, 2011


Tract TV recent shows / movies i’ve seen


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In memoriam: Rohan

Posted by mogway on Monday November 6, 2017

02-07-2008 / 06-11-2017

I so don’t want to do this, cause this one hurts! They all hurt but we had a pact Rohan, we’d stay together after all the females have gone.
We would be together and come closer and grow old. Unfortunately we didn’t grow old together.
It all happened so fast, last week from Thursday you’d sniffle a bit, nothing too major but you weren’t feeling yourself.
You didn’t walk as fast as you used to but you could still walk down the stairs and sometimes let me carry you up the stairs.
Which was really something cause you didn’t like to be held. But over the past weekend and today I was allowed to carry you, snuggle with you and hold you so close like i’ve never done before.
Alas this was all because you weren’t feeling too well. I noticed Sunday morning you were not yourself, you miauwed the whole night keeping me and the girls (Isilya, Valanya & Teigertje) awake.
But you ate and drank milk and let everyone know you were there, miauwing all the way.
Your miauws weren’t cries from pain like you did in September when I took you to the vet to check up on your leg cause you were struggling a bit with walking.

At the vets you showed everyone back then that you were the man and started a full blown I attack everything that comes near me…even me, my scars haven’t fully healed yet.
But today the ride to the vet was different, you miauwed a few times but it didn’t feel like you were still fighting, more like it’s ok I know it.
Some little sparkle of fighting left in you when the vet tried to look into your mouth, she saw that your tongue was a little bit red, but than you closed your mouth and refused to open it, you didn’t bite hard but you just didn’t want to let go.
I will never truly know what was wrong with you since you were already so weak, and I didn’t want to put you through more tests, the vet wasn’t even sure if you’d make it even if we tried.
Even if I already knew it was bad it was still a shock, since you were only 9, I wasn’t prepared for this.
The last few days we’ve cuddled so much like we never have in all of your 9 years. You were THA MAN! you didn’t need cuddles and affection, sometimes you’d want to cuddle but only on your terms.

On the 3rd of September 2008 Rohan came to live with us, my neighbor who bred cats thought he was too ugly. And yeah she was right, Rohan wasn’t a pretty young man when he was born but he sure grew up to be one with his gorgeous big orange eyes.
After Rohan I had 6 cats and he was the only male, the females weren’t nice to him to start with but he never really cared.
He was (like Gizmo) always fine to be on his own, but enjoyed the laser pen a lot. He also had a stuffed rat with whom he played a lot when he was little. Last Friday I got a nice new stuffed animal with catnip and you were the only one who really loved it and played with it.
I started a blog for Rohan (it’s all in Dutch).. I didn’t keep it up only a few posts about his starting life with us…wish I had kept on going it, he was the little one so I thought we’d make many more memories 😦

Things I remember right now, Rohan loved ice cream! LOL he always wanted some, he also tried to steal my steak once lol, but mostly he’d let me eat in peace, also on the rare occasions I had Shoarma you always wanted a piece of meat, or 2, maybe 3 🙂
But omg my pumpkin soup he’d go crazy if I made that, and he always wanted some of that too.
He was very afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so when I’d clean the house he’d always be the 1st one upstairs and the last one downstairs to make sure that evil loud thing was gone.
After that he’d always jump on my desk and complain about the noise, or I think he did cause he’d miauw loud and want some cuddles.
He’d always run upstairs when the doorbell rang, and especially if Chamook would come, he has never liked Chamook one bit! From the 1st time he saw him till the last time which was on the 28th of October. Normally he’d run upstairs but he wasn’t fast anymore so Rohan decided to stay downstairs.
As soon as Chamook found him, Rohan started to hiss and let Chamook know he didn’t want to play. After an hour or so I wanted to feed Teigertje, and he heard her miauw for food, he then was THA MAN walked passed Chamook like he owned the place and wanted his food too.

A post shared by Mogway Lavendel (@mogway_lavendel) on

#yummyinmytummy there goes my ice cream lol #rohan

He started the annoying habit of maiuwing for food too, cause what Teigertje does he needs to do too.
He’d always love some treats and let you know if he thought you’d forget about him.
He was never really seeking attention, I mostly had to search for him and try to get some cuddles.
Sometimes at night he’d wake me up and purr real loud cause he wanted to cuddle, and in the morning he’d slowly walk up to me and either miauw, touch my nose with his paw or lick my face so I’d get up, he could really wake you up in the sweetest way.
He sometimes liked to sneak under the covers and just lay there and purr away.

More bday's #happybirthday #rohan 8 years already #ohtheygrowupsofast XD

A post shared by Mogway Lavendel (@mogway_lavendel) on

Since Rohan was an unneutered male and a special race called Selkirk Rex, I thought it might be a nice idea to also breed with him. So my neighbor brought over a cat in heat so that he could do his business. I locked the 2 cats into the special cat room I have and waited. After 2 hours Rohan started miauwing like a mad man. He didn’t want to go anywhere near that weird woman and her longing miauws. I didn’t let him out right away but after 6 hours he was truly complaining that he didn’t want to be with her. So I let him out of the room and the poor cat in heat was returned unsatisfied to my neighbor. I never tried to breed with him again and I jokingly called him my gay cat. I was lucky he never sprayed. 

#teigertje #rohan and my ice cream! #yummyinmytummy

A post shared by Mogway Lavendel (@mogway_lavendel) on

My sweet little boy Rohan, named after the region for the horselords Rohirrim from Lord of the Rings, my Selkirk Rex, I will miss you like crazy and I am happy for the 9 years we’ve spent together, I am sad that we didn’t have more time to make more memories. I will never forget you, you have been the only man in my life for the past 7 years. Thank you for letting me hold you and cuddle you in your final days even if it was only you didn’t have the strength to be too manly to not want to cuddle with my… Say hi to Freya and Gizmo, and let us hope that 2018 will be the 1st year I will not have to give up a kid, cause it’s going way to fast…We love you Rohan…

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Review: Thor: Ragnarok (Spoiler edition)

Posted by mogway on Thursday November 2, 2017

Yes this is the spoiler edition so if you haven’t seen the movie (out today in America) and you don’t want to be spoilered stop reading!!!
Perhaps you’d like to read my Spoiler free edition.

Parties like the Grandmaster on ship like it’s her birthday cause hey it is 😀 A few hours ago I saw Thor: Ragnarok again but this time in Ultra Laser 3D and Dolby Atmos, and WOW!!!
There is absolutely no other way to see this movie, the colors, the sounds, the effects, it’s so much more amazing than the 2D version. If I already rated the 2D version a nice 10 this one would be a 20 for sure! But we only go to 10 alas.
The movie starts with humor which carriers on throughout the whole movie, it’s simple but effective, small elements to make you laugh. The running gag throughout the movie of Thor throwing things to Loki just to see if he is truly there, never gets old. Also the little nudges towards other movies. (Or I might read into it too much who knows).
The card that is left on the street when Dr Strange takes Loki felt a lot like a homage to Sherlock, gassing up on Xandar…why didn’t they go for that option? Would’ve loved to see some Guardians.. Or Skurge yelling for Asgard in the end, oh LOTR and Rohirrim stop my beating heart XD. Yeah probably seeing more..

I never read the comics so for me it was quite a shock to learn that Hela was a sister and the 1st born of Odin, kinda makes you wonder about Odin too, he wasn’t the nice soft king he let others believe he was. Hela just simply wanted more and poof she was banished. No wonder she wanted to come back and take back what was rightfully hers. I loved the scenes where she showed Skurge the true ceiling of Asgard and the vaults after that, smashing the Infinity Gauntlet to the floor saying it’s fake XD, and making remarks to all the other stuff that was there.
A nice new character in the movie was Taika Waititi’s Korg, yes the director played a nice role in it, providing some humor along the way.

Always have loved Jeff Goldblum and his portrayal of the Grandmaster was so amazing, a nice nutty man who does anything for entertainment and to make people love him. Also the slaves reference was awesome..prisoners with jobs XD
A reason why we will probable haven’t seen the infinity wars trailer is because Thor loses an eye, what is it with people and losing eyes in Marvel??? We see Thor drifting in outer space in the 1st part of the trailer, never could tell if he had both eyes, cause the leaked trailer wasn’t that good, but the extra scene does make you think about what happened to the people of Asgard, and of course also Loki cause he was standing beside Thor when they see Thanos’s ship.

Also a special shout of to Mark Ruffalo who is just amazing in this movie too, Hulk’s character is so much more likeable with him, he plays him so well.
I think it’s safe to say that out of all 3 Thor movies this is truly the best one, and it is best watched in 3D with good sound 😉 It might even end up in my Blu-ray collection and that’s saying something since I’ve only have 2 Blu-rays..Guardians vol 1 + 2 LOL maybe one day I’ll add all the other to my collection too, but Thor: Ragnarok will definitely be one of the first to into my collection. So go see it in your local theater because this one is really worth your money too!

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Review: Thor: Ragnarok (Spoiler free)

Posted by mogway on Wednesday October 25, 2017

I just finished a small production movie called Thor: Ragnarok….maybe you have heard of it or maybe if you’re lucky you might have even seen a trailer for this movie. If not here’s the trailer.

Ok totally kidding of course you know about this movie!! And you will hear a lot about it too in the coming days. Europe was lucky but alas America has to wait until the 3rd of November. So I will keep this spoiler free.

Not a real spoiler is that this is the 3rd movie of the Thor movies, and to my opinion it is the best of the 3!! Do you have to see the other 2 movies? No you don’t but it’s always better to do so. This movie starts not long after the Avengers: Age of Ultron, so it might be smart to rewatch that one again to know where some of the characters are. But it’s not a complete must, but I kinda think Marvel geeks already know all the movies by heart 😉

Also not a spoiler is that this movie is also about the Grandmaster, who is played by Jeff Goldblum. The Grandmaster is the leader of the Contest of Champions, which is also a game app for Iphone and Android. It’s a little more funny if you play this game like I do (find MogwayLavendel in the game 😉 )

This movie is action packed with great scenery, music, humor and some nods to other movies.
Unfortunately I saw it in 2D, but I am definitely going to see this one in the Dolby Atmos Ultra Laser 3D, yes this movie is so good that I’m going to see it another time. It’s definitely my 2nd favorite movie of the year. (My favorite movie of the year is of course that other small Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2)
Be sure to check back next week for a spoiler filled review.
I recommend this movie A LOT!! It’s a 10 out of 10!!!

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Review: American Made

Posted by mogway on Saturday September 16, 2017

On Tuesday I watched American Made, starring Tom Cruise.

American Made is based upon the true story of Barry Seal. The movie itself isn’t filled with a lot of action and there are little romantic scenes. The movie itself is nothing really special, what makes this movie so interesting is the story.
How on earth could one man be able to do all of this? It was amazing seeing how his story evolved and some of the problems he had were amazing. I am sure a lot of people want those problems too.

It’s not a movie you need to see in the theater… (although Tom Cruise showing his naked white ass not once but twice might be nicer on the big screen XD). It does require a bit of your attention to keep up with the movie and it’s mostly talk and Barry explaining how things worked (or not).
For the Friday Night Lights (series) and Breaking Bad fans among us it’s nice to see Jesse Plemons again, not a big part but he’s there.

The moral of the movie is of course crime doesn’t pay and if it’s to good to be true it probably is. It is entertaining in its own way, mostly because you will be flabbergasted on how it was all possible and the 70’s / 80’s vibe is always nice to see.
I give this movie a 7 out of 10

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5K Plan

Posted by mogway on Wednesday September 13, 2017

Some of you might know me at my worst… My worst was last year on the 1st on January a whooping 125 kg (275,58 pounds according to Siri) … Luckily I don’t have any pictures from that time so I will not scare you with those. It was time to turn over a new leaf but how? I’ve tried every diet in the book / movie / internet whatever, they helped…sure but seriously how long can you really live on carrots and celery before you go on a crazy binge at the nearest McD?

I wanted to do it differently, I already knew about MyFitnessPal and I used it before, but I never really used it as intense as I do now. It’s rather easy, fill in what you eat per day NO CHEATING! lol and you will see what you’re eating wrong or where you can improve yourself.
For a woman you’re allowed about 2k calories per day and if you’re eating healthy that’s quite a lot to eat, but a single hamburger meal from McD…bye bye calories, or hello calories..So you have to give up your fav bad fast food forever? Newp! Hell I know it’s bad food same as KFC and all the other fast food restaurants but every now and then I let my self eat there, and I know that 1 burger / chicken or whatever won’t make me fat right away.

It’s all about balance, something I truly had to learn. If you want to eat something bad for dinner make sure your breakfast and lunch are healthy, and try to exercise before or after too. Easier said than done, hey I know but the more you exercise the easier it gets..who would’ve thought that!!! Not me… I hate to exercise, still do lol, but I also know that if I want to eat a little less healthy I need to make up for it in a different way.

So how did I start, I started to watch what I ate, with the help of MyFitnessPal and I cut back my calorie intake to about 1710 calories per day. That still gives you a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course some snacks here and there cause only 3 big meals a day isn’t wise either. Cut back on the portions and have a healthy snack here and there.
I didn’t do any exercise with that, cause believe me hauling 125 kg around is exercise enough at that point 😛 After a few months I already lost a good portion of weight and I felt that walking was getting easier, of course it’s easier to walk around when you’re “only” 115 kg than with 125 kg anyone can tell you that.

Me and my iron steed survived day 1 XD 🙀

A post shared by Mogway Lavendel (@mogway_lavendel) on

Around May I bought my 1st bike in years. When I turned 16 my parents bought me a scooter yayyy no more riding a bike to school and to soccer, how was I to know that riding a bike would be way healthier for you…. maybe I did know but I didn’t care at that point…I seriously doubt any 16 year old will care about health…

Things we’re getting better and lighter from that point, when it wasn’t raining (still have that rule!) in the morning I’d ride my bike to work. I work 4 days a week and I ride my bike for 3 days, that’s about 40 minutes of exercise on 3 days already! SCORE!!! It’s the little things sometimes that help.
Also around that time I started to get my dinner through “HelloFresh” I was completely eating wrong for dinners, I love pasta, so I mostly ate pasta with a little bit of vegetables and a lot of meat… oh boy LOL. So with adding HelloFresh to the mix I started to eat differently, 2 meals with fish, 2 meals with meat and 2 vegetarian meals, since I really love meat and fish I always thought that I would have a major problem with the vegetarian meals. Now all this time later I find myself mostly liking the vegetarian meals the most.

Around the time Pokémon Go was released here I bought my Garmin, and with those 2 I had lots of adventures and steps. Silly as Pokémon Go might sound it did get me out of my deskchair and out into the “real” world and catch “virtual” animals. LOGIC PEOPLE!!! XD
Also lunch breaks are a great way to sneak in a 30 minute walk, we’ve started doing that too and it works refreshing!

Again it was getting easier and easier, and I wanted to do more (I so want to add a line here that says, I sought meaning n stuff but I won’t XD). It was time for a new challenge in my life, and I’m not the type of woman who likes to work out in a gym, I know people there don’t care about me, they only care about themselves and such, but I can’t shake the feeling that when I would walk into a gym everyone would stop and stare at me and think like GEEZ WOMAN!!! WHY HAVE YOU NOT COME HERE BEFORE!! or something even less flattering. I know it’s all bull but hey the mind is a tricky thing, so gyms were out for me (and they still are!!).
On facebook I saw an add for Bootcamp, and I was intrigued, it looked like a lot of fun, and I knew I would never be able to do most of the things that they did there ghehehe (oh self-esteem you rock!) and with my knowledge of my body falling apart when it feels like it, I didn’t think it was such a good option, cause knees bending in ways they’re not supposed too or hips who do the same. But I really wanted it, so I asked them if I could do it with my weak knees (read body lol) and they said sure give it a go, do it at your own pace.
So from November last year I’ve been going to Bootcamp every Monday (except for the time I was dealing with my vertigo which sucked!!!). Still not doing everything as advertised lol, but I’m getting better and better at it 😀

And now September 2017, I feel that I’m not interested in Pokémon Go anymore and not hitting my step count, start to eat a bit worse too.
Now is the time I need a new challenge for myself, cause I really do not want to lose the progress I’ve made so far.. or gain might be better. I have not been gaining any weight but I really feel that I’m at a crossing point right now. I’m sorta back at the weight I was about 3 years ago. So after losing 32 kg (70,55 pounds) I weigh a nice 93 kg (205,03 pounds). Still way to heavy for my length and such but hey it’s already way less. Been logging my meals with MyFitnessPal for over 620 days, and still on 1710 calories, to cut back on them might not be smart, so more exercise it must be.

Today I’ve completed my 1st interval training! I’m pretty proud, cause I HATE RUNNING!! But I had my Cyclemeter set to the 5K Plan, brought the Awesome Mix Vol 1 & Vol 2 with me on my Iphone (I really want a Zune though with a Cat and some angry chick named Alice Cooper!) and started running / walking. Honestly it wasn’t that bad, 30 minutes of walking and running at my own pace, but it was the 1st time…1st times are never that bad lol. I did notice that I could keep it up and that I wasn’t exhausted after the 30 minutes.
The 5K Plan is a workout for 3 days a week and at the end I’ll be able to run 5k, that will be in about 10 weeks. So where will the road end, it kinda does after my 2nd interval O_o LOL but I’m not giving up, let’s see this through….

Update 14-9: 2nd run in the books I’ll share my progress in this album 5k plan

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Comic Con 2017

Posted by mogway on Thursday September 7, 2017

Last year was the 1st time I went to comic con Amsterdam. I had such an amazing time that I went back this year. Mainly because i wanted to meet Michael Dudikoff, I’ve been a fan of his ever since I was 10 or 11, the American Ninja movies really meant a lot to me growing up.

You can see the pictures i took during the Con here

Also i shot some video’s with Carice van Houten, unfortunately the panel was in Dutch.

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Review: Shot Caller

Posted by mogway on Sunday August 27, 2017

Last night I watched a movie called Shot Caller I haven’t seen any previews of it during my previous visits to the theater but I saw it came out just now, I wanted to watch the Dark Tower but I couldn’t work that into with a viewing of Atomic Blonde as well, so Shot Caller became my 2nd movie. Also I wanted to see Nicolaj … I can never remember his last name.. Jaime from Game of Thrones was in it 😀

Spoilers ahead…

Shot Caller is about a man who makes 1 mistake and his whole life changes because of it. Whether this can be real or not it is an intriguing movie. The movie starts with him being in jail and we don’t learn why until you’re a good part into the movie, it jumps back and forward from time to time, making it sometimes a bit hard to follow. The only way to know for sure here’s back in time is because he has less tattoo’s.
The acting is superb and it was refreshing to see Nicolaj as a different character as Jaimie.

I am still having a hard time to really be positive or negative about this movie, it feels to me like you have to see it more than once to fully grasp the movie. The story line was confusing sometimes with the flash backs, and action wise it was a whole lot less than Atomic Blonde, might have not been my smartest move to see those 2 just minutes apart.
I am not sure if shows an accurate picture of how things are done in prison, I can image things can be run like they propose in this one.
But something I didn’t truly get was why give everything up you worked so hard for all your life just to throw it all away when you make 1 mistake.
Perhaps it’s better I don’t know if this is true when you go through prison, although I do not think prison here in the Netherlands is as hard as it is in America.

It’s not a movie you really need to see in the theaters, it might even be better to watch it at home, and I don’t think it will be anything for the Oscar’s either.
I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Review: Atomic Blonde

Posted by mogway on Saturday August 26, 2017

Today I saw Atomic Blonde 

It has more twists than a barrel of pretzels. When you’re watching this movie pay attention and keep on paying attention cause you can get lost pretty fast. 

I feel like they dragged out the story a little bit but it’s been refreshing none the less, the romance in this movie is new and for that time not too common. The movie takes place in Germany in 1989 just around the time the Berlin wall goes down. This has nothing to do with the movie but they make use of the east and west Berlin.

This movie is much more enjoyed if you were around in the 80’s, I don’t think a 17 year old will like this movie as much as a 30 year old would. Simply because of the music for one (awesome note Tyler Bates does the music, he’s my new fav music writer cause he’s worked a lot with James Gunn and did both Guardians of the Galaxy movies) it has some of the best tunes in the 80’s.  Especially the use of the original song 99 luftballons is amazing. Also kudos for using Queen!! 

Spoiler alert: another reason this movie is awesome cause back in the day Zardu Hasselfrau was touring with his band in Germany.. oh wait David Hasselhoff 😂

Anyone remembers tetris? The makers of the movie did, ugh that tune will be stuck in my head now. Also they use the best date ever at one point: 2nd of November 😊

Conclusion it’s an action filled movie with 80’s references that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I give this movie 8,5 out of 10 

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Review: The Defenders

Posted by mogway on Saturday August 19, 2017

The Defenders is a show that a lot of Marvel fans have been waiting for.
It the TV version of the Avengers which includes the hero’s of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

For this show you will need to have seen the other shows otherwise you will get so confused with who is who and who is what and the whole story line.
The show picks up where we have left all 4 hero’s in their own shows.
And you know they are going to meet each other at one point, but the build up to this happened a lot faster.
Also probably because the Defenders is ONLY 8 episodes, which is really really sad!
We didn’t get a dragged out story which is good but 8 hours is nothing for a binge session you can get this done any day. 13 Hours is a little bit more challenging, but alas.. only 8.

I loved every episode of it and by the end of episode 3 the shit gets real! I loved seeing the 4 hero’s work together and also the people who are important besides the hero’s show up. There is even a Stan Lee cameo..

One thing I still don’t get is the hate for Iron Fist, I absolutely loved the show, but then again I have never read any of the comics so for me it’s a fresh look into that world. The Defenders is based more upon the Iron Fist story because of the Hand, so he becomes a bit more centered in the story. However he is not the strongest (pun SO intended) actor among the 4, seeing him with the other hero’s of New York it makes him seem like he still is a little kid sometimes.

The final episode is really strong and it’s a whirlwind through your emotions, have your tissues ready people! And it feels like Danny is growing up too in this episode.

If you haven’t watched all of the previous shows, and don’t feel like doing so, it might be smart to watch the video below it will catch you up and get ready for the Defenders

I give this show a 10 out 10!

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Review: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Posted by mogway on Wednesday August 16, 2017

I was lucky to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard today as a special blockbuster viewing.
Now enjoy the trailer XD

Okay 1st things 1st…if you can’t handle the word motherfucker you should NOT watch this movie.
This movie is AMAZING!!! It’s definitely deserved the blockbuster line. This one has it all! Action, humor, great story line, music!! Yes I even dare to say that this soundtrack is close to the Guardians Vol 2 soundtrack! Baby driver is nothing compared to the music they use in this one!
Swearing A LOT!! When I’m going to watch the movie again I’m going to count the amount of times the word “motherfucker” is used…cause it’s quite a lot.
Personally I never get tired of hearing Samuel L. Jackson say that word, but some might think it is a bit over the top. Also Ryan Reynolds looks pretty damn hot in this movie…must be the beard and not the Deadpool look XD.

You know those action movies where they race cars through tiny streets, they prefer to do that in Paris a lot too…well get ready for a new city to blow your mind.. Amsterdam is here baby!!! I do hope no bikes were hurt during this movie cause ouch!! Although some scenes are a little over the top it still makes a great movie overall. Even the bad dutch accent is kinda cute in this movie, you can pick out who is Dutch, French and cute XD.

It’s kinda sad that this movie is only 118 minutes, you know a movie is good when you’re sad it’s over. The only thing I wasn’t to fond over was the romantic aspect of the movie, it is needed sometimes but as most of the things they overdid that too, but hey if you’re madly in love with someone you might not think it’s too much.

This movie is a blockbuster for sure and should’ve been titled THE MOVIE OF THIS SUMMER!!! While it will probably not get any Oscars (Samuel L Jackson should just get one for using motherfucker! And Ryan Reynolds just for looking this hot!) it is definitely a movie you MUST SEE…unless you really can’t handle swearing and a good action movie…please do not watch it then.
I give this movie 10 out 10!!!!

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