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Posted by mogway on Thursday August 25, 2011

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In memoriam: Freya

Posted by mogway on Tuesday January 13, 2015

1002826_491150260963124_230906062_n Freya 13-10-??/10-01-15

Saturday the 10th of January was a real black day for me. I had to let Freya go, and our nice little family of 6 went down to 5.
Tears been running down my face and I know it was the best thing for her to do, it still feels like my heart has been ripped out and broken into pieces in front of my eyes with no room for repairs. Alas I have been here before, I know that time will heal all wounds even these that tend to cut so deep. Some might not get the pain I feel right now, “it was only a cat”. Well to me it feels like I had to give up one of my kids, she was part of the family


The last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about her and how we met, and right now I feel that I need to write this all down, cause we all know we are only human and we tend to forget things in time.
And I don’t want to forget the things I remember most about Freya right now.

I already forgot the exact date we’ve met Freya. I remember I was living in Oosterhout already and I was living together with my ex. Del Piero my rabbit was still alive and had his cage in the back yard. It was a cold winters day and suddenly a cat was sitting in Del Piero’s cage. She was thin and looking exhausted. So me and my ex decided to give her some food. I think it was on a Wednesday when we first saw her, on Thursday she wasn’t there but on Friday she was back again. I felt really sorry for her and decided to take her in. In a way Freya adopted us to be her new family.
She and Valanya would always fight, but there were also times where they would lay together on the bed or chairs or what ever. Our little family gained a new member.
I remember that Friday evening Freya laying on me and spinning like crazy and wanting attention all the time.
She wasn’t really my cat she liked my ex more….not sure why….he never gave them food or anything…but after my ex and me broke up she finally warmed up to me and we cuddled more again.
Things that defined Freya were that she always kept acting like a stray cat. The first years we still let her out in the yard and she would wonder around the street and sometimes even return with gifts. Alive mice and the occasional dead bird were her ways of saying thank you of taking me in. At one point I noticed she wasn’t coming back any more and I was getting worried. I would go out into the backyard and start calling her name.
And eventually she would come back or I would hear a miauw. She was getting to old to jump over the fence and was just sitting at the yard door for me to open it and let her in.
From that day she wasn’t allowed to go out on her own anymore she was really getting to old for that stuff.
Of course she didn’t like that decision she always wanted to go outside. But the last 3 years she was ok with it and just felt good being inside with her 4 sisters and brother.
406974_460253414052809_1214117180_n Freya on top, left Teigertje, right Valanya

Things she would do recently, always when you tried to tie your shoelaces she would try to untie them, she just loved things that moved, she really disliked the laser pen. While the others would go crazy about it, she just didn’t care for that and would just look up annoyed that the others would go crazy about a silly light.
She loved to drink rain water and left over shower water, when I was done with the shower she would sit in front of the door wanting to get in and get a few licks of that delicious water, while having fresh water in the cat room she just didn’t care about that.
When I would open the fridge she would always stand next to me purring and tiptoeing around me….please gimme some milk…please…LOL
It is weird opening the fridge now and not having her purring and tiptoeing around me.
Of course she also had annoying traits, her biggest one was that she would always sit on the dinning table next to me and try to get my dinner! LOL…always trying to get some extra food of my plate and she could never wait for me to finish my dinner so that she could lick clean my plate.
She also always had to pee beside the litter, but now I’m starting to think that she might have a problem with her kidney’s like the doctor said so it might not been completely her fault.

I feel it happened so fast I went to work on Friday and came back and I noticed she wasn’t herself. She didn’t want to eat and she would constantly make the movement that she had to pee or poop but nothing came out. She refused to drink but after a few hours she finally drank some milk and water but a couple of minutes later it all came out again. So on Saturday I took her to the vet and he asked me what to do…ofc I want to do what is best for Freya, and the best thing was letting her go alas. If she was younger we could’ve done all sorts of tests but she had an amazing life and you don’t want to put your grandmother to various needles and awful tests at her age either. It would’ve been selfish to not to let her go even if it hurts like hell..It will get better again. And every night when I go to bed i’ll still wish her a good night. I still wish Del Piero a good night too and he’s been gone for a while too.

Freya I miss you and I hope you’re having fun upthere with Del Piero, Gizmo, Mogway, Rakker and all the other pets I had to give up over the years.
Say hi to my grandparents and save us a great seat!

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Salad: Cucumber sweet-sour-spicy – by Mogway Lavendel

Posted by mogway on Wednesday August 14, 2013

Ok as promised in the previous post lol…i finally added a recipe of my own…well sorta :P Enjoy

Photo by Mogs
150 ml Vinegar (2/3 cup)
200 gr Sugar (7 oz)
1 Cucumber
1 teaspoon Salt
2 peppers (this can be any kind of pepper you want to, you can make it as spicy as you want)
2 red unions

Put the vinegar, sugar and salt in a pan and slowly let it boil until the sugar and salt are gone.
Chop the onion into small pieces and slice the cucumber, remove the seeds from the peppers and cut them into small pieces.
Put everything in a bowl and pour the Vinegar over the Cucumbers, onions and peppers and put the bowl into the fridge.
Let it cool down for a bit and it’s ready.
The longer you leave it in the fridge the more spicy it will get, you get the best result when you make it a day in advance.

Photo by Mogs

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YAY! n stuff

Posted by mogway on Sunday July 7, 2013

So i’ve been working on my blog for a couple of weeks now but haven’t really posted anything lol.
I was more busy with getting everything the way i liked..but for now i’m happy with it lol.
Well it finally happened..(no i was already slightly mad!) the hospital kicked me out, and i feels like being kicked out to the gutter as i say it…or to the curb or whatever will have me.
No new work as of yet…since more than 600,000 people are unemployed it will be hard to get a new job…but i’m hoping i’ll have a new job soon.
I’ve been occupying my days with watching tv shows, reading and of course playing Tiny Empires lol and sometimes i try to read…but those 50 shades aren’t moving really fast lol.

Yesterday i’ve opened a new blog for the Kingdom Of Amber, its the Tiny Empires i’m a GV of, and on it i’m going to place a lot of recipes that the member of Amber and the befriended kingdoms are sending me.
It might be a nice to give it a look lol and if you got some recipes of your own you want to share let me know, i can use my own blog to share them too.
Comments on both blogs are always appreciated of course lol.
Yes i’ve started cooking *shocked face* lol….smoothy’s are a real fav of mine at the moment..but also just trying out new stuff..and the experiments have only failed maybe once or twice…not to self coconut smoothie not yummy! lol. So keep an eye open on both blogs and my own recipes will come on this one too of course :P

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Posted by mogway on Saturday April 7, 2012

I was almost tempted to open my dutch blog again LMAO, neah i won’t, this might be awesome for people outside the netherlands too, maybe you know these products too and they are called differently. Who knows or i might revolutionize something…. yeah right :P
So today I received my Buzzbox… O_o a what??? LOL… ok let me explain.

There’s this website in the netherlands (probably international too.. it’s for belgium too :P … runs and hides… :P )called Buzzer and on this website you can enlist yourself to test new products or improved products or what ever.
I tested a electronic toothbrush in december, never blogged about it but it’s a great thing.
So now they’ve got something new, a box called a Buzzbox, in this box there are new items you test and you give your opinion for them.
We got an email 2 weeks ago i think about the 1st Buzzbox and for a small fee (10 euro’s) you were allowed to test it.

So today the Buzzbox arrived YAY….

Bleah orange…. i hate freaking orange… stupid dutch stuff LOL….

I opened the box while having my mom on the phone and i was kinda disappointed to be honest, i paid 10 euro’s for it and although they say it’s cheap i don’t really think it’s worth that… Look at the products inside:

The theme was “home” ; it feels more like they concentrated on the smallest room in a home…. shit… :P
The box also contains an online service where you put in how much money you make and they tell you how much money you’ll have at the end and stuff, no way i’m using / testing that…. i’ll never put on an online website my income and stuff like that EPIC FAIL!
It’s nice to get a coupon for 5 euro discount too at a website, i’ll probably never use that since you need to order for about 45 euro’s to get free shipping… think i’ll get the stuff in the shop.. still debating on that one.

A yes a Libelle magazine… probably the wetdream of every 40 year old woman… or older…. am freaking 31 don’t care about knitting patterns :P
Giggles… i do love the idea… but i was kinda hoping to test new and revolutionary stuff that will clean your home without having to do much stuff for it LOL… maybe i’m just spoiled.

Anyway it does has some useful stuff in it, even though it’s almost only for the toilet ;).
Ok so i tested 1 thing today, which i kinda already it worked, cause it’s an old product and some claim it works and others don’t….
Well with me it worked :)

Mogs did the washing today… no seriously i did LOL.. i’ve been cleaning my house, like i do every week usually in the weekend… anyway moving along, i tested the “Dylon Colour Cathcher”.
It’s a cloth you put in your washing machine and it will catch colors that will come free from new clothing and stuff when you wash it for the 1st time, instead of those colors ruining your other clothes in the washing machine.
I decided to wash the pillows from the cats scratching pole and the covers of the pillows on the dinning chairs… hey if they got wrecked i wouldn’t care… didn’t like em anyway… but alas LOL… it worked!
Oh wait no REJOICE!!!! it worked lol… you want proof?? ok :P

The whole cloth is brown… isn’t that amazing!!!…. :P

No seriously without kidding, the top of the cloth is still white and before i threw it in my washing machine the cloth was all white, now it’s mostly yucky brown lol… and the pillows of the dinning chairs are looking white now instead of brown… LOL

So this is my buzz for today… if i try out something else i’ll write something about it i might not always include pictures… moisturized toilet paper might not be such a smart idea to make a picture of that once it’s used LMAO….

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Blog: December 6

Posted by mogway on Tuesday December 6, 2011

Hmmm ok nothing comes up when i want to blog… or write anything my mind is just blah LOL
So uhm just a video then :) Tonight there will be a new episode of Glee in America w00t and Sam’s back :)
That’s something to look forward to tomorrow :)

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Blog: December 5 “Sinterklaas”

Posted by mogway on Monday December 5, 2011

Oh dear…
It’s that time of year.
And it’s always the same time,
everything is spoken or written in rhyme.
Don’t think Santa does this too,
as usual i’ve got no clue.
Sinterklaas is on the roof,
down the chimney and poof.
Black Peter will bring gifts to children big and small,
except for Canada this fall. O_o (well it rhymes SO THERE!!! :P)

So yeah uhm out of inspiration now giggles, today is the dutch version… well sorta… of Santa, although it seems that “Sinterklaas” will be banned soon…
Cause Sinterklaas is a bad bad bad man!!! He has slaves!!! O_o
Uhm ok Black Peter’s are black cause all of the stuff they have to endure in the chimney PEOPLE!!! They’re not black to start with… although so the legend tells us, no soap could get it off, believe me i tried to say that too when i was a little kid, i told Black Pete that my mom used soap giggles…. moi smart ass ^^.
But seriously in the Dutch parts of Canada Black Peter isn’t allowed anymore cause it’s racist…. UHM!!!
This is the start of the end, our dutch culture…. or whatever that’s left of it… will stop to exist soon, we’re not allowed to hold on to ancient traditions… no matter how dumb they are lol.
I’ve never forgiven my parents about Sinterklaas, bastards… they bring me up and thought me not to lie!! And what do they do for the 1st 7 years of my fragile life???
EXACTLY!!! Lie to me GRRRRRR… my mom still has to hear it every year on Sinterklaas, that i haven’t forgotten about it giggles… i made my point today too :)

I decided to be bad this year so no presents for me giggles, well mebbe my iphone gheheh but i had to buy that for myself as everything else, tomorrow i’ll go to the store and buy a chocolate letter :) at 25% of the cost it did before today muhahaha :P
So what else.. hmmm nagging about Sinterklaas is so much fun giggles :P

I’m waving at fat

Giggles totally random but oh so fun if you’re me… or if you get it, raise your hand if you did giggles.
Ok think i’ll go offline now and watch “De Sint” i love a good horror movie :)
Have a great “Sinterklaas” all and be good otherwise you’ll end up in Black Peter’s sack on your way to Spain! (Starts misbehaving badly cause the weather in Spain is way better then here)

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Blog: December 4

Posted by mogway on Sunday December 4, 2011

Uhm so it’s sunday already, time goes by too fast, sometimes it’s good, can’t wait for uhm O_o wait….. nothing will be in my shoe tomorrow so no point on wanting it to be tomorrow LOL.
Sunday is a day for rest… not in my book lol, i cleaned the house, and did another Wii run lol.
I got a test on ea active, my heart recover time was 2 minutes or so, lol well glad there is room for improvement wouldn’t be fun if it would be good already.
That’s why i sometimes like it that i’ve gained a bit of weight LOL… so i can lose some more :) giggles, the glass is half full people!!! O_o

So uhm the Bucs game just ended… they didn’t have their normal outfits on, maybe that’s why they lost? giggles oh well maybe next week… 3-8 ouch, well no super bowl for us, not that any team would be happy to take on Green Bay right now, they haven’t lost for a while now, although the Bucs gave them a bit of a hard time LOL.
Juve won this afternoon, since i stopped watching the games they’ve been winning…. maybe if i stopped watching the Bucs game they would win too O_o neah it’s my highlight of my sunday not giving that up already!
As most of you know i’m not a “only sing when your team is winning supporter” so…… GO BUCS!!!!! lol better luck next time :)

btw i don’t like the new Youtube can’t find a freaking thing lmao :P

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Blog December 3

Posted by mogway on Saturday December 3, 2011

Yeah a somewhat early blog today cause i’m going to hold my own Twilight Marathon LMAO. Now that the 4th movie is out i kinda need to catch up with the others, and i can use a bit of vampire loving right now LMAO.
Today was nothing special, worked out for over 2 hours with the Wii, i’ll pay for that tomorrow lmao, oh well it’s for a good thing right?
If i keep on telling myself that it will happen eventually…. if you build it they will come, or something like that.
I found out that doing aerobics on Glee music works best lmao, i tried Nickelback, Nick & Simon but usually i fail cause i want to go to fast… but with the music from Glee it works well, only trying to sing and doing aerobics still needs a bit more practice lmao.
So time for me to sit back relax and watch some HAWT vamps… Carlisle may so bite me giggles.

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Blog: December 2… shopping!

Posted by mogway on Friday December 2, 2011

So yeah i kinda had some sort of a title for today but don’t want to stop my ingenious titeling (my word i owns its!) now :P

TGIF!!! Let the weekend start, usually Friday is the best day of the week to work, cause almost everyone is free on that day…. key word is usually cause lately it seems like Friday got a hell lot busier!!!
More phone calls more things to do, what happened to going into the weekend quietly and relaxed? I got no clue but it’s not like that anymore.
Let’s hope next week will be a normal Friday again, cause working overtime on a Friday…. uhm isn’t there a law against that? I know i must’ve read it somewhere giggles.
Although it had a nice surprise it was again late when i stepped out of the office, and i had my mind set on finding myself a new game for…. well just to be nice to myself, cause hey if i don’t spoil myself no one else will do it…

Ok me and shopping…. bad bad bad…. trying to get out of the city was already a big problem too, uhm my theory about almost everyone being free on Friday totally FAILED!!! I’ve never seen it that busy before… maybe it’s because the dutch Santa ( commonly known as Sinterklaas) is in town?
But then again in the shopping mall it was not as busy as i thought it would be… but that didn’t cut back my frustration…..

I honestly don’t know how women do it…. SERIOUSLY!!!! I don’t understand the “fun” that is called shopping, it’s a big waste of time, with lot’s of sheep all going the same way and ……. those damn annoying kids running and screaming around O_o.
After spending 2 hours in the mall I still haven’t found the game i wanted, so my good mood was gone completely… giggles so from now on i’ll do my shopping online saves the world a badly mooded Mogs too ;)

Giggles burn it all to the ground i’d say :P …. then i turned on my pc and went online…. and saw the release date of the game which i thought was december 1st was for America and not Europe…… *slaps herself*
Oh well i ordered it from England now so let’s see…. O_o seriously Mogs you live in Europe….
Speaking of Europe; tonight was the drawing for the Euro 2012…. MUAHAHHAHAH…. Is it wrong that i like it that the Netherlands is in Group B aka the Group of Death???? LOL

Ok i want them to win at least 1 game against Germany!!!! Sorry german peeps it’s not personal.. i just can’t stand your soccer team LMAO…. damn i hate Portugal too….. i wonder …. *flashback music starting* Remembers a game… a game against Portugal … and it had lot’s of shiny cards like yellow and red :P
OMG seriously that was bad!!!! So for the Dutch’s sake please don’t be as stupid as last time and play their game too…. OI!!!!
*BRILL IDEA!!!!!***
Last time the Netherlands played against Portugal on an end tournament was in 2006!!!! 2006!!!!! The magic number!!!! Italy became champions that year!!!
GIGGLES!!!! *slaps into reality*
Crap we had Cannavaro and Del Piero back then….. oh well we’ll see..

OMG i was just looking back if i translated those blogs to english (which i haven’t :P ) and i saw that last year on the 2nd of December the world was WHITE!!! And now it’s still “warm” for the time of year WOOT i love global warming :) Giggles….

And that’s how Mogs C’s it :P

Just a little nice song from the next episode of Glee…. YAY!!! Sam is back giggles… he reminds me of someone…. :P

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December 1

Posted by mogway on Thursday December 1, 2011

Oh hell what have i got myself into again??? Every year i say i’ll do it, you know it’s fun to do the december bloggers…. for mostly 1 week then i quit again LMAO.
So who knows how long i’ll keep it up this year.
As you guys know by now i suck with titles i just can’t do them, even in SL my best friend had to help me to get a tittle for TE…. note to self never let him give me a tittle :P giggles…..
So to make things easier for me i’ll just put the date in it, everyone happy and i might even keep it up longer cause mostly i stop cause i don’t have a good title LMAO.

So looking back at the last post… hmmmm November 9th not bad… well the thing i ordered was / is an Iphone 4S….. yes i finally came to the 21st century or whatever you peeps call it these days. And i’m still happy with my phone too giggles, omg who would’ve thought i’d be happy with a phone that cost more then my rent…. oh dear… don’t think about that, i wanted to be selfish so there i go…

Looking back on that wish list i made…. hell like all good things it didn’t work, i quit studying Italian and never went back to Italy, although i must say thinking about myself kinda worked.. treated myself to an Iphone 4S didn’t i? LOL.

Mostly around this time of year it’s the “what are you doing for x-mas” talks, well there are here too now of course, but something has changed.
It’s weird not having my grandmother around anymore, really had a hard time on my birthday when i realized she wasn’t going to call me….
Not something i planned this year either, but then again who plans on people dieing on you O_o.

Hmmm 3 months and stuff… never thought i’d quit smoking either, but a good fire and a good friend helped a lot, not really missing the smoking…. well mosty not, only when i’ve long drives then it’s hard.

So the theme is kinda missing…. i like adding songs to the blogs you know it gives a bit of… dunno LOL…. ok missing….
Well the best song about missing must be… i’ll be missing you, but i can’t handle that song without bursting into tears myself

Hmmm yes besides from being in a total Glee mood lately, i think i’ll go with NICKELBACK!!!! LMAO….It has i’ll miss you in the lyrics SO THERE!!!! :P damn i miss it….

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