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Oscars 2018 day 2

Posted by mogway on Sunday March 4, 2018

So the 2nd day is here. Also at the end of this day or maybe tomorrow depends on how it ends i’ll predict the Oscars.

So guess what read My rewiew of July 25th 2017 and where I predict Dunkirk being nominated for Best Picture I’m good! XD. Previous rating was 10 out of 10 and seeing it again hasn’t changed my opinion on that.

Darkest Hour
Although this movie lacks action and is mostly conversation it does not bore. This movie is very well made, the story and the feeling are just right, and the acting is superb! I do hope that Gary Oldman will get an oscar for him amazing portrait of Winston Churchill. Also seeing this right after Dunkirk makes it a lot more special, since you’ve seen the side of the war in the movie before and now you see what happened to make the rescue of the troop possible.
After seeing a good portion of movies I believe this one is a strong contender for best picture, I wasn’t impressed by the Shape of Water at all but I am by this movie. I give this one 9 out of 10.

Call Me by Your Name
I was dreading this movie the most, but it surprised me a bit. Move over Brokeback mountain there’s a new favorite Gay movie out there, while BBM left some things to wonder this movie doesn’t. The character of Oliver is a bit weird though, he changes his mind a lot, now it could also be the time this all happened cause in 1982 gays weren’t excepted as much as they are today. The only thing that is disturbing to me is Elio’s age…if they would’ve made him 19 it would’ve been so much better but he is still a child and sometimes acts that way too. Certainly not the best movie for the Oscars but it’s one that breaks the taboo’s. 8 out of 10, would’ve been a higher rating but it was a bit too long and the age thing.

The Post
I already wanted to see this movie, and when I saw the trailer I kinda already knew it would be an Oscar picture so I waited till today. It’s always a risk when having lots of stars in your cast when trying to tell a good story. But the names do not distract you from the fact what this movie is about. The acting was great and the story adaption was amazing too. Although this is a drama movie it doesn’t bore at all and it has you on the edge of your seat. I really think the oscar for best picture will be between the Post and the Darkest Hour. A must see movie! 9 out of 10.

Get out
Honestly don’t know why this one is for best movie, the story is weak and predictable and racist in a way too. The acting is good but that’s it. It’s not even scary, it’s supposed to be a horror / thriller but i found myself bored along the way. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen many horror movies that this one doesn’t do anything for me. 5 out of 10

Will do the predictions tomorrow as it is 1.30 AM here lol

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