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In memoriam: Rohan

Posted by mogway on Monday November 6, 2017

02-07-2008 / 06-11-2017

I so don’t want to do this, cause this one hurts! They all hurt but we had a pact Rohan, we’d stay together after all the females have gone.
We would be together and come closer and grow old. Unfortunately we didn’t grow old together.
It all happened so fast, last week from Thursday you’d sniffle a bit, nothing too major but you weren’t feeling yourself.
You didn’t walk as fast as you used to but you could still walk down the stairs and sometimes let me carry you up the stairs.
Which was really something cause you didn’t like to be held. But over the past weekend and today I was allowed to carry you, snuggle with you and hold you so close like i’ve never done before.
Alas this was all because you weren’t feeling too well. I noticed Sunday morning you were not yourself, you miauwed the whole night keeping me and the girls (Isilya, Valanya & Teigertje) awake.
But you ate and drank milk and let everyone know you were there, miauwing all the way.
Your miauws weren’t cries from pain like you did in September when I took you to the vet to check up on your leg cause you were struggling a bit with walking.

At the vets you showed everyone back then that you were the man and started a full blown I attack everything that comes near me…even me, my scars haven’t fully healed yet.
But today the ride to the vet was different, you miauwed a few times but it didn’t feel like you were still fighting, more like it’s ok I know it.
Some little sparkle of fighting left in you when the vet tried to look into your mouth, she saw that your tongue was a little bit red, but than you closed your mouth and refused to open it, you didn’t bite hard but you just didn’t want to let go.
I will never truly know what was wrong with you since you were already so weak, and I didn’t want to put you through more tests, the vet wasn’t even sure if you’d make it even if we tried.
Even if I already knew it was bad it was still a shock, since you were only 9, I wasn’t prepared for this.
The last few days we’ve cuddled so much like we never have in all of your 9 years. You were THA MAN! you didn’t need cuddles and affection, sometimes you’d want to cuddle but only on your terms.

On the 3rd of September 2008 Rohan came to live with us, my neighbor who bred cats thought he was too ugly. And yeah she was right, Rohan wasn’t a pretty young man when he was born but he sure grew up to be one with his gorgeous big orange eyes.
After Rohan I had 6 cats and he was the only male, the females weren’t nice to him to start with but he never really cared.
He was (like Gizmo) always fine to be on his own, but enjoyed the laser pen a lot. He also had a stuffed rat with whom he played a lot when he was little. Last Friday I got a nice new stuffed animal with catnip and you were the only one who really loved it and played with it.
I started a blog for Rohan (it’s all in Dutch).. I didn’t keep it up only a few posts about his starting life with us…wish I had kept on going it, he was the little one so I thought we’d make many more memories 😦

Things I remember right now, Rohan loved ice cream! LOL he always wanted some, he also tried to steal my steak once lol, but mostly he’d let me eat in peace, also on the rare occasions I had Shoarma you always wanted a piece of meat, or 2, maybe 3 🙂
But omg my pumpkin soup he’d go crazy if I made that, and he always wanted some of that too.
He was very afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so when I’d clean the house he’d always be the 1st one upstairs and the last one downstairs to make sure that evil loud thing was gone.
After that he’d always jump on my desk and complain about the noise, or I think he did cause he’d miauw loud and want some cuddles.
He’d always run upstairs when the doorbell rang, and especially if Chamook would come, he has never liked Chamook one bit! From the 1st time he saw him till the last time which was on the 28th of October. Normally he’d run upstairs but he wasn’t fast anymore so Rohan decided to stay downstairs.
As soon as Chamook found him, Rohan started to hiss and let Chamook know he didn’t want to play. After an hour or so I wanted to feed Teigertje, and he heard her miauw for food, he then was THA MAN walked passed Chamook like he owned the place and wanted his food too.

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#yummyinmytummy there goes my ice cream lol #rohan

He started the annoying habit of maiuwing for food too, cause what Teigertje does he needs to do too.
He’d always love some treats and let you know if he thought you’d forget about him.
He was never really seeking attention, I mostly had to search for him and try to get some cuddles.
Sometimes at night he’d wake me up and purr real loud cause he wanted to cuddle, and in the morning he’d slowly walk up to me and either miauw, touch my nose with his paw or lick my face so I’d get up, he could really wake you up in the sweetest way.
He sometimes liked to sneak under the covers and just lay there and purr away.

Since Rohan was an unneutered male and a special race called Selkirk Rex, I thought it might be a nice idea to also breed with him. So my neighbor brought over a cat in heat so that he could do his business. I locked the 2 cats into the special cat room I have and waited. After 2 hours Rohan started miauwing like a mad man. He didn’t want to go anywhere near that weird woman and her longing miauws. I didn’t let him out right away but after 6 hours he was truly complaining that he didn’t want to be with her. So I let him out of the room and the poor cat in heat was returned unsatisfied to my neighbor. I never tried to breed with him again and I jokingly called him my gay cat. I was lucky he never sprayed. 

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My sweet little boy Rohan, named after the region for the horselords Rohirrim from Lord of the Rings, my Selkirk Rex, I will miss you like crazy and I am happy for the 9 years we’ve spent together, I am sad that we didn’t have more time to make more memories. I will never forget you, you have been the only man in my life for the past 7 years. Thank you for letting me hold you and cuddle you in your final days even if it was only you didn’t have the strength to be too manly to not want to cuddle with my… Say hi to Freya and Gizmo, and let us hope that 2018 will be the 1st year I will not have to give up a kid, cause it’s going way to fast…We love you Rohan…

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In memoriam: Gizmo

Posted by mogway on Friday December 30, 2016


Gizmo 02-11-?? / 30-12-16

Today is another bad day, 2016 sucked big time, lots of famous deaths people who we adored are gone, and now just a few hours back I had to say goodbye to Gizmo.
Will it ever get easy giving up a pet? My heart is broken again and although I know it’s really the best thing for her…why does it hurt so bad….

Gizmo and Teigertje came to me a couple of years ago, i’m not sure about the date anymore but it’s at least more than 10 years, if not longer..time is vague O_o.
Both came from my dad who due to personal reasons gave them up and wanted to send them to a pound. But Teigertje came and cuddle with me and I was sold. Gizmo was never a real cuddler at that time, and she really had her own will.

010-3She got the nickname fat kitty cause she was a huge cat! She loved milk and anything that I would eat, fish, meat it didn’t matter! Chips and eggs, but most of all cheese and Ben & Jerry’s!!!
After Freya passed she became the new elder in our lil home, and she loved laying on top of my laptop XD or miauw if you sneezed! She miauwed when you would eat food and not share with her, and later on just helped herself to preferable my subway sandwiches if I left them unguarded for too long.

She also loved toys and the laser pen was her favorite toy. Always trying out the things 1st she was never afraid, always downstairs when the bell rang.
Always curious to what was happening. Even Chamook was allowed to come close but she’d do her own thing whether he was there or not. No matter who was there, Gizmo did what Gizmo wanted. She loved waking me up in the middle of the night for cuddles, or lay on my pillow and snore like a mad cat!! She snored so hard that it could wake you up from your sleep.


Suddenly she started to lose a lot of weight, but she was still eating and drinking, but she wasn’t gaining any weight. To the doctors we went, and it turned out that she had a too fast working thyroid and later on starting kidney failure.
So the meds and diet food began.


On Tuesday February 9th 2016 Gizmo was taken into surgery to remove all but 2 teeth..It was a heavy day, because she was so sick and weak it wasn’t sure if she’d make it through surgery. But like a real trooper she pulled through! Earning her the new nickname Toothless. After that she could eat everything again and I had to watch out again Gizmo still loved eating my food.
But at one point Gizmo refused to eat the diet food nor take anything that contained her meds. She really had a strong will!

Screenshot-2017-11-7 Mogway Lavendel ( mogway_lavendel) • Instagram photos and videos

I was afraid she wouldn’t make it to her birthday and she made it! So on her birthday she enjoyed a nice can of tuna and my tea. Which became something she loved more than her own water…My tea was the best thing you could drink!!
I was afraid she wouldn’t make it to Christmas but she made it! Again more yummy food and treats, cause I knew it was only a matter of time.
I was afraid she wouldn’t make it to the new year…I was right. After Christmas she developed an abscess from her 2 remaining teeth. She still ate, drank my tea, milk and ate treats, but she was constantly trying to get the abscess out with her paws. So today I went to the vets hoping there would be a cure, but seeing her age and her health (She only weighed 1.4kg now) it was better for her to let go….

When we drove to the vets I promised her I’d take her home with me again, and we cuddled!! She was still putting up a fight when she got the 1st injection, she even bit me in my arm…smiles softly thinking about that again…but after a few seconds she laid on the table and started to sleep.

You’re with Freya now Gizmo, and we will see you again…but not yet…not yet…

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In memoriam: Freya

Posted by mogway on Tuesday January 13, 2015

1002826_491150260963124_230906062_n Freya 13-10-??/10-01-15

Saturday the 10th of January was a real black day for me. I had to let Freya go, and our nice little family of 6 went down to 5.
Tears been running down my face and I know it was the best thing for her to do, it still feels like my heart has been ripped out and broken into pieces in front of my eyes with no room for repairs. Alas I have been here before, I know that time will heal all wounds even these that tend to cut so deep. Some might not get the pain I feel right now, “it was only a cat”. Well to me it feels like I had to give up one of my kids, she was part of the family


The last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about her and how we met, and right now I feel that I need to write this all down, cause we all know we are only human and we tend to forget things in time.
And I don’t want to forget the things I remember most about Freya right now.

I already forgot the exact date we’ve met Freya. I remember I was living in Oosterhout already and I was living together with my ex. Del Piero my rabbit was still alive and had his cage in the back yard. It was a cold winters day and suddenly a cat was sitting in Del Piero’s cage. She was thin and looking exhausted. So me and my ex decided to give her some food. I think it was on a Wednesday when we first saw her, on Thursday she wasn’t there but on Friday she was back again. I felt really sorry for her and decided to take her in. In a way Freya adopted us to be her new family.
She and Valanya would always fight, but there were also times where they would lay together on the bed or chairs or what ever. Our little family gained a new member.
I remember that Friday evening Freya laying on me and spinning like crazy and wanting attention all the time.
She wasn’t really my cat she liked my ex more….not sure why….he never gave them food or anything…but after my ex and me broke up she finally warmed up to me and we cuddled more again.
Things that defined Freya were that she always kept acting like a stray cat. The first years we still let her out in the yard and she would wonder around the street and sometimes even return with gifts. Alive mice and the occasional dead bird were her ways of saying thank you of taking me in. At one point I noticed she wasn’t coming back any more and I was getting worried. I would go out into the backyard and start calling her name.
And eventually she would come back or I would hear a miauw. She was getting to old to jump over the fence and was just sitting at the yard door for me to open it and let her in.
From that day she wasn’t allowed to go out on her own anymore she was really getting to old for that stuff.
Of course she didn’t like that decision she always wanted to go outside. But the last 3 years she was ok with it and just felt good being inside with her 4 sisters and brother.
406974_460253414052809_1214117180_n Freya on top, left Teigertje, right Valanya

Things she would do recently, always when you tried to tie your shoelaces she would try to untie them, she just loved things that moved, she really disliked the laser pen. While the others would go crazy about it, she just didn’t care for that and would just look up annoyed that the others would go crazy about a silly light.
She loved to drink rain water and left over shower water, when I was done with the shower she would sit in front of the door wanting to get in and get a few licks of that delicious water, while having fresh water in the cat room she just didn’t care about that.
When I would open the fridge she would always stand next to me purring and tiptoeing around me….please gimme some milk…please…LOL
It is weird opening the fridge now and not having her purring and tiptoeing around me.
Of course she also had annoying traits, her biggest one was that she would always sit on the dinning table next to me and try to get my dinner! LOL…always trying to get some extra food of my plate and she could never wait for me to finish my dinner so that she could lick clean my plate.
She also always had to pee beside the litter, but now I’m starting to think that she might have a problem with her kidney’s like the doctor said so it might not been completely her fault.

I feel it happened so fast I went to work on Friday and came back and I noticed she wasn’t herself. She didn’t want to eat and she would constantly make the movement that she had to pee or poop but nothing came out. She refused to drink but after a few hours she finally drank some milk and water but a couple of minutes later it all came out again. So on Saturday I took her to the vet and he asked me what to do…ofc I want to do what is best for Freya, and the best thing was letting her go alas. If she was younger we could’ve done all sorts of tests but she had an amazing life and you don’t want to put your grandmother to various needles and awful tests at her age either. It would’ve been selfish to not to let her go even if it hurts like hell..It will get better again. And every night when I go to bed i’ll still wish her a good night. I still wish Del Piero a good night too and he’s been gone for a while too.

Freya I miss you and I hope you’re having fun upthere with Del Piero, Gizmo, Mogway, Rakker and all the other pets I had to give up over the years.
Say hi to my grandparents and save us a great seat!

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