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Posted by mogway on Thursday April 26, 2018

So I just got home from Avengers: Infinity war……god how to review this without giving you any spoilers….
Well the movies started, lots of shit happened, Stan Lee cameo somewhere, credits roll….
yeah I think that about covers it….


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Review: Thor: Ragnarok (Spoiler edition)

Posted by mogway on Thursday November 2, 2017

Yes this is the spoiler edition so if you haven’t seen the movie (out today in America) and you don’t want to be spoilered stop reading!!!
Perhaps you’d like to read my Spoiler free edition.

Parties like the Grandmaster on ship like it’s her birthday cause hey it is 😀 A few hours ago I saw Thor: Ragnarok again but this time in Ultra Laser 3D and Dolby Atmos, and WOW!!!
There is absolutely no other way to see this movie, the colors, the sounds, the effects, it’s so much more amazing than the 2D version. If I already rated the 2D version a nice 10 this one would be a 20 for sure! But we only go to 10 alas.
The movie starts with humor which carriers on throughout the whole movie, it’s simple but effective, small elements to make you laugh. The running gag throughout the movie of Thor throwing things to Loki just to see if he is truly there, never gets old. Also the little nudges towards other movies. (Or I might read into it too much who knows).
The card that is left on the street when Dr Strange takes Loki felt a lot like a homage to Sherlock, gassing up on Xandar…why didn’t they go for that option? Would’ve loved to see some Guardians.. Or Skurge yelling for Asgard in the end, oh LOTR and Rohirrim stop my beating heart XD. Yeah probably seeing more..

I never read the comics so for me it was quite a shock to learn that Hela was a sister and the 1st born of Odin, kinda makes you wonder about Odin too, he wasn’t the nice soft king he let others believe he was. Hela just simply wanted more and poof she was banished. No wonder she wanted to come back and take back what was rightfully hers. I loved the scenes where she showed Skurge the true ceiling of Asgard and the vaults after that, smashing the Infinity Gauntlet to the floor saying it’s fake XD, and making remarks to all the other stuff that was there.
A nice new character in the movie was Taika Waititi’s Korg, yes the director played a nice role in it, providing some humor along the way.

Always have loved Jeff Goldblum and his portrayal of the Grandmaster was so amazing, a nice nutty man who does anything for entertainment and to make people love him. Also the slaves reference was awesome..prisoners with jobs XD
A reason why we will probable haven’t seen the infinity wars trailer is because Thor loses an eye, what is it with people and losing eyes in Marvel??? We see Thor drifting in outer space in the 1st part of the trailer, never could tell if he had both eyes, cause the leaked trailer wasn’t that good, but the extra scene does make you think about what happened to the people of Asgard, and of course also Loki cause he was standing beside Thor when they see Thanos’s ship.

Also a special shout of to Mark Ruffalo who is just amazing in this movie too, Hulk’s character is so much more likeable with him, he plays him so well.
I think it’s safe to say that out of all 3 Thor movies this is truly the best one, and it is best watched in 3D with good sound 😉 It might even end up in my Blu-ray collection and that’s saying something since I’ve only have 2 Blu-rays..Guardians vol 1 + 2 LOL maybe one day I’ll add all the other to my collection too, but Thor: Ragnarok will definitely be one of the first to into my collection. So go see it in your local theater because this one is really worth your money too!

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Review: Thor: Ragnarok (Spoiler free)

Posted by mogway on Wednesday October 25, 2017

I just finished a small production movie called Thor: Ragnarok….maybe you have heard of it or maybe if you’re lucky you might have even seen a trailer for this movie. If not here’s the trailer.

Ok totally kidding of course you know about this movie!! And you will hear a lot about it too in the coming days. Europe was lucky but alas America has to wait until the 3rd of November. So I will keep this spoiler free.

Not a real spoiler is that this is the 3rd movie of the Thor movies, and to my opinion it is the best of the 3!! Do you have to see the other 2 movies? No you don’t but it’s always better to do so. This movie starts not long after the Avengers: Age of Ultron, so it might be smart to rewatch that one again to know where some of the characters are. But it’s not a complete must, but I kinda think Marvel geeks already know all the movies by heart 😉

Also not a spoiler is that this movie is also about the Grandmaster, who is played by Jeff Goldblum. The Grandmaster is the leader of the Contest of Champions, which is also a game app for Iphone and Android. It’s a little more funny if you play this game like I do (find MogwayLavendel in the game 😉 )

This movie is action packed with great scenery, music, humor and some nods to other movies.
Unfortunately I saw it in 2D, but I am definitely going to see this one in the Dolby Atmos Ultra Laser 3D, yes this movie is so good that I’m going to see it another time. It’s definitely my 2nd favorite movie of the year. (My favorite movie of the year is of course that other small Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2)
Be sure to check back next week for a spoiler filled review.
I recommend this movie A LOT!! It’s a 10 out of 10!!!

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Review: American Made

Posted by mogway on Saturday September 16, 2017

On Tuesday I watched American Made, starring Tom Cruise.

American Made is based upon the true story of Barry Seal. The movie itself isn’t filled with a lot of action and there are little romantic scenes. The movie itself is nothing really special, what makes this movie so interesting is the story.
How on earth could one man be able to do all of this? It was amazing seeing how his story evolved and some of the problems he had were amazing. I am sure a lot of people want those problems too.

It’s not a movie you need to see in the theater… (although Tom Cruise showing his naked white ass not once but twice might be nicer on the big screen XD). It does require a bit of your attention to keep up with the movie and it’s mostly talk and Barry explaining how things worked (or not).
For the Friday Night Lights (series) and Breaking Bad fans among us it’s nice to see Jesse Plemons again, not a big part but he’s there.

The moral of the movie is of course crime doesn’t pay and if it’s to good to be true it probably is. It is entertaining in its own way, mostly because you will be flabbergasted on how it was all possible and the 70’s / 80’s vibe is always nice to see.
I give this movie a 7 out of 10

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Review: Atomic Blonde

Posted by mogway on Saturday August 26, 2017

Today I saw Atomic Blonde 

It has more twists than a barrel of pretzels. When you’re watching this movie pay attention and keep on paying attention cause you can get lost pretty fast. 

I feel like they dragged out the story a little bit but it’s been refreshing none the less, the romance in this movie is new and for that time not too common. The movie takes place in Germany in 1989 just around the time the Berlin wall goes down. This has nothing to do with the movie but they make use of the east and west Berlin.

This movie is much more enjoyed if you were around in the 80’s, I don’t think a 17 year old will like this movie as much as a 30 year old would. Simply because of the music for one (awesome note Tyler Bates does the music, he’s my new fav music writer cause he’s worked a lot with James Gunn and did both Guardians of the Galaxy movies) it has some of the best tunes in the 80’s.  Especially the use of the original song 99 luftballons is amazing. Also kudos for using Queen!! 

Spoiler alert: another reason this movie is awesome cause back in the day Zardu Hasselfrau was touring with his band in Germany.. oh wait David Hasselhoff 😂

Anyone remembers tetris? The makers of the movie did, ugh that tune will be stuck in my head now. Also they use the best date ever at one point: 2nd of November 😊

Conclusion it’s an action filled movie with 80’s references that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I give this movie 8,5 out of 10 

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Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Posted by mogway on Monday August 7, 2017

Short Valerian..also short the movie that wanted but never could?
Please watch the trailer and I will break it down as we go… shall we begin?

Ok kido’s who here has seen Leon, The Fifth Element and Lucy? Well I have but these movies are all pretty old (ok Lucy not THAT old but still) and I feel that the target group of this movie has never seen them, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Experience a spectacular 3D event, been there done that and it was all the same, hell I even paid the extra mile to go and see it in ultra laser 3D with Dolby atmos or whatever.. still not impressed.

So yeah I guess you already know where I’m going with this, it seems like with Valerian you either hate it or love it. I found the story long and sometimes boring.. I do not need to have 2 teenagers tell me about love…WTF they are just out of their diapers for crying out loud what do THEY KNOW about love??

I was pleased with Elizabeth Debicki being in this movie.. when you watch the trailer her pleasant voice speaks to you… UNTIL…. she was playing a MAN??? wtf??? not that you could recognize her but she played the emperor??? And also DO NOT EVER MAKE HER SAY THE WORD GUARDIAN … unless you are willing to follow it up with : OF THE GALAXY!! That was such a let down…I am so used to her saying and now nothing… UGH

Was there anything good about this movie?? …… Ok yes I have to admit I AM IN LOVE with the Mül Convertor XD That thing is soooo cute, I bet you that when I go to Comic Con next month and I see one (and it’s not too expensive cause all my money will prolly…no not prolly…will go to Guardians of the Galaxy stuff) I will buy it.
Melo The Convertor

Look at how cute it is and it isn’t even riled up! XD

So should you go and see Valerian…though one, I for one wasn’t blown away buy it, it promises a lot but it doesn’t deliver, oh yeah Rihanna is in it too…Enough said about that… Also nice to see Ethan Hawke again. I am sure that if you see the movie in 2D it will be the same, unless you have never seen a 3D movie in your life..
It will be a good movie for those rainy Sunday afternoons where you have nothing else to do.

I give this movie 6 out of 10.

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Review: 2:22

Posted by mogway on Sunday August 6, 2017

Just now I watched the movie 2:22

Conspiracy theory lovers will love this movie. Although the movie starts a bit slow it works itself up fast towards a big finale. If you watch movies a lot this movie might not be surprising as a casual watcher. It was entertaining nonetheless. And it never gets old seeing Michiel Huisman half naked. 

The music was good done partly by Lisa Gerrard, some might recognize her from her work on Gladiator. Cinematography was good typical scenes you expect from a day to day New York, with a bit of special effects thrown in to see patterns.

While this movie isn’t a candidate for the oscars I’m sure it is however a nice movie to watch. I give it 7 out of 10.

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Review: 13 Reasons Why

Posted by mogway on Wednesday August 2, 2017

I am probably late to jump on the bandwagon of this epic Netflix show: 13 Reasons Why, but sometimes late is good. And no I will not give you 13 reasons why you should or shouldn’t watch this show…but believe it did cross my mind XD.

I have seen this show a lot of times on Netflix passing by like hey you wanna watch this, and I was like neah I probably won’t like it anyway.
Last Sunday I was like ok I’ll give it a go, since it’s summer time and I try not to binge-watch any of my shows anymore. Cause before Netflix we would have to wait each week for an episode and it was horrible!!
But the episodes stuck longer and you knew the show better. These days you can watch a whole season at once, and yes I did it too, hell when Iron Fist came out I watched it in 1 weekend… and right now I can barely remember what happened.. so I was giving 13 Reasons Why a shot. And I know how I am when it comes to a new show, I mostly don’t like it right away, cause I sorta hate getting to know new characters and such…

But 20 minutes in and I was already hooked! Not a lot of shows have this power to make you scream for more in their 1st episode. And this show doesn’t deal in taboo’s it’s laying all it’s cards on the table. You get 13 episodes dealing with suicide, rape, drugs, high school and other things. Some parts of the show were really hard to watch, you have to applaud the makers of this show for doing it that way.
The only thing that I didn’t like is that we don’t get 100% closure. I know that there will be a season 2 so I hope we will get more closure in that one.

If you have Netflix go watch it! It’s so worth it… I give this one 10 out of 10!

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Review: Baby Driver

Posted by mogway on Sunday July 30, 2017

This piece may contain spoilers, if you don’t want to read any spoiler please come back after you have seen the movie.
Or if you don’t care please read on.

Don’t put baby in a corner…Oh wait wrong movie…There is nothing girly about this one! Baby Driver is a good movie with a good soundtrack and special effects. Although the soundtrack isn’t as good as the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 it is a nice one. Why bring up Guardians you say? Well director Edgar Wright and James Gunn (for people who don’t know…. James Gunn is the brilliant mind behind Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1 and 2…and working on 3) texted about the soundtrack. And it’s true because James Gunn tweeted about this himself and I think it was on Facebook too 😛 ! I did love the soundtrack of Baby Driver and kudos for using Queen.. too bad it was from Sheer Heart Attack not my fav album, they made so many amazing albums and songs… also Radar Love from the Golden Earing(s) XD is an epic move. Always love riding my car on that one and having a serious problem controlling my gas on it. Also the soundtrack tries to blend in with the movie, which is pretty cool.

Enough about the music, the movie itself might not be that original story wise but it is surely entertaining. Great acting by everyone and of course great driving! Cause that Baby can drive!!! I am truly jealous of his driving skills, and those scenes are the best scenes in the whole movie not the story line / romance stuff but the driving action! If we would’ve had 1,5 hours of driving action and only 30 min of story I would’ve been happy too. It’s definitely a movie you would want to see in the theaters because of the big screen and sound, only problem is driving home after the movie… I seriously wanted to drive like Baby 😀

It’s nothing too special so I don’t think it will show up at the Oscars maybe for sound editing or special effects but not one of the big ones, but hey that’s my opinion, I have been wrong lately with the Oscars.

I give this movie 8 out of 10.

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Review: The Walk

Posted by mogway on Saturday July 29, 2017

For the Dutch Netflix users a new movie called The Walk is available.
I heard of the story when it came out since my best friend went to see it in the theater. When I saw the trailer back then I wasn’t really impressed. Now that I have seen the movie I am a little more impressed.

The most weird thing about the movie isn’t the weird French accent of Joseph Gordon-Levitt it’s the fact that the Twin towers he’s so in love with aren’t there anymore. The whole movie I was thinking he’s the only one who’s ever done that, and now there isn’t anyone anymore who can do the same. At the end of the movie they shift the camera a little bit making it seem the towers aren’t there anymore but than the camera moves out and you see them again and it’s the last shot of the movie.
I found myself bored a bit with this movie, it takes 2 hours before he finally walks between the towers, I know the whole story must be build up and everything but I think it could have been done a lot sooner.
But of course if you love the movie it seemed like only a few minutes.
Now I do not know what parts of the movie really happened and what parts didn’t happen but SERIOUSLY people why would you have a helicopter moving over a little man on a wire between 2 towers??? I do hope that was complete fiction cause that was just insane, also the cops yelling him to come to them.
The cinematography was amazing though and I bet that in 3D it will all look a little bit more exciting.
But the man Philippe Petit will always be a legend for what he did on a cold August morning in 1974.
I give it a 7 out of 10.

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